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Air Conditioning WordPress Theme is a responsive WordPress theme specially designed for HVAC professionals, heating/air conditioning contractor. As a HVAC professional, you need a professional and easy to use WordPress theme. So, we have made Air Conditioning WordPress Theme for you. This theme has all the features and functionality that a air conditioning contractor would need to make a HVAC website complete.

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Key Features of Air Conditioning WordPress Theme:

We know, you need a unique website. So we give you option to change the color and look of your website. This air Conditioning WordPress Theme comes will unlimited color option. You can change color or background for each logical section. It ensure that you can have a unique website that represent your brand identity.

When you choose a theme for your HVAC business, you need it simple. We know, you are not a web developer. So we have offered here a easy to use yet very powerful admin interface to manage your website. You are going to love this admin interface. Even a newbie can use it!

Another thing you should consider when making a website for HVAC contractor is SEO. Yes, we also covered it for you. This Air Conditioning WordPress Theme is very SEO optimized WordPress theme. This theme also work smoothly with all the major SEO plugins as well.

The Air Conditioning WordPress Theme is a responsive WordPress theme. So, it serve optimized content for all devices including mobile devices. That means you do not need to invest your time or money to make a separate  website for mobile devices. So you can have more time to focus on your Business.

Air Conditioning WordPress Theme Marketing Features:

We wanted to give you a very powerful marketing tool. Your website is nothing but a place where you can showcase your service for potential clients.  We just made this more easy for you. At top right corner we added a phone number. It is a tap to call button. Once, someone will click on this phone number he can really reach you without leaving your website. So you can expect your phone ringing! Also people can send you a email if they want by clicking your email address.

We added a interactive slider with a welcome message. Also you can show your featured services above the fold. We have added three featured services but you can add as many as you want.

We also have a active call to action so you really can offer your special offer to your potential clients. We know a video can do much more that we can write. So we have widgets ready area when you can add your video on your home page. Also you can take advantages of the short codes that comes with  Air Conditioning WordPress Theme. In the example we used according shortcode.

Air Conditioning WordPress Theme More Advanced Marketing Features:

Custom call to action widgets: Display a call to action text. It can help you to make your visitor to a potential client.

Custom Intro text widget:  You can promote a page or post using this widget very easily.

Custom Featured page slider: You can make a interactive slider showing some featured pages ( services ) on your sidebar. It has true potential to increase interaction with your website users.

Custom Featured post slider: You can make a interactive slider showing some featured  blog post  on your sidebar. It has true potential to increase interaction with your website users.

Custom Featured testimonial slider: You can show some of your clients testimonial very attractively on your sidebar using this widget. Surely it will increase trust among with your visitors.

Custom Form Widget: Easily add a lead capture from on your sidebar when using Air Conditioning WordPress Theme.

Custom Google Map Widget: When you will be using Air Conditioning WordPress Theme, you can show your visitor your location very easily using this widget. You just have to add your address and it will show your location automatically on Google map.

How Air Conditioning WordPress Theme Can Increase Trust Among Your Website Visitor?

you can generate trust among you visitor very easily while using Air Conditioning WordPress theme. It ensure to get more paid clients. You know, tesimonial is one of the major trust gaining factor for a service specially for HVAC professionals. You can make a testimonial page very easily. Also you can show specific testimonial withing a page or post. There is a defecated custom widget to show your featured testimonials. This way, Air Conditioning WordPress Theme can generate trust about your services resulting to get more paid clients.

We know, a portfolio or image gallery also help you to present you business to you potential clients. Well, Air Conditioning WordPress Theme also have option to make photo gallery as well as portfolio section on your website.  You see we already cover it as well for you.

Sometimes you may have special offer or promotional offer and you might need a landing page or lead pages. We know, you may need it. So, Air Conditioning WordPress Theme has built in option to make lead pages or sells page easily as well.

You see, we are giving you a very powerful marketing tool for your business. We already spent hundreds of  hours while developing Air Conditioning WordPress Theme. We are continuously working for you. We release updates regularly and you can be sure there will not be any compatibility with coming WordPress release. Our dedicated  developers are working hard here for you so that you can focus to you business instead of dealing with outdated themes. We know your business needs your time and this Air Conditioning WordPress Theme make sure you really can do it.

Air Conditioning  WordPress Theme Support:

We believe post sell support is the best support. Actually when you find something wrong you need instant support. When you will be using Air Conditioning WordPress Theme you can have peace in your mind that you will get support when you really need it. Our defecated support team are baking up you with great support. You are advised to check our testimonial section to justify it.

We  also have a tutorial section that can help you to learn our Air Conditioning WordPress Theme very easily. Actually there are a lot of options and flexibility comes with this Air Conditioning WordPress Theme. So start playing around it and you are going to love this amazing WordPress theme.

While we have built the demo as an Air Conditioning WordPress theme, it could easily accommodate other template like HVAC  WordPress theme, AC repair WordPress theme.

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  • The photos in this design are for display purposes only and can not be used on your final website.


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You guys are awesome! I love your templates and documentation, and thanks so much for reply back, much appreciated!

Again, your support through email, website documentation and videos are truly spectacular, I will definitely begin standardizing my websites with your technology and make future

Thanks again!

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Awesome deal price wise but even better is the fast support. Less than 24 hours and I receive support and fully installed on both my sites and that’s including a little tech support I needed for error on my end. Other theme vendors should learn from this guy.


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  • What do I need to use your theme?

    themes work exclusively with WORDPRESS. All images, copy and colors are customizable by you. Download WordPress by clicking HERE.
  • Can you customize it for me?

    We accept a limited amount of custom clients per month. CONTACT US for more info.
  • How much does WordPress cost?

    WordPress is a free service with unlimited flexibility. Your current hosting should have one click WordPress installation service. Your BrandUp Air Conditioning Theme is a one time fee.
  • We accept a limited amount of custom clients per month. CONTACT US for more info.

    Our themes include step-by-step tutorials to edit visual components like pictures, copy and colors to the more advanced popup, navigation bar and custom domains.