Today we are introducing you about one of our best themes. The theme is Circle startup business theme. This theme has made with a highly professional face with latest design and functional attitude which is very effective for establishing any new business. We have created this theme on the basis of a startup business. This theme is also suitable for any kind of commercial companies such as real state, insurance, hotel & restaurant, hospitals, travel agency, or for any niche. You can also use this WordPress theme as a blog. This theme is very user friendly. We have used the latest designs and added effective functionalities in this theme.

In Love?

Do you want to increase your sales and conversions from your website? Well, you are now on right place. Circle startup business theme will fulfill your desire. In this theme we have used suitable functions and unique design which can help you to achieve your goal. The advantages of this theme will help you to attract the visitor’s attention very quickly. Do you want to know more about this WP theme? Just keep reading the below text.

Why should I Use Business WordPress Theme – Circle Startup Business theme?

This is the best Startup WordPress Theme!
Before creating this WP theme, we have done our best research. We have thought about the elements and functionality are required for your website. Specially, we have made it for those users who are starting new business. You can see the reflection of our hard work or our research on this theme. You can use this Circle startup business theme with great confidence and peace in mind.

Responsive For All Devices
We know that Google can find those website easily and fast which are ready for SEO ( Search Engine Optimization). For getting a rank of a website, SEO optimization is needed. It also depends on responsive design. We have made this this WP theme very responsive for any kind of devices. Now it is the realm of small devices. Everyone can view your website in their different devices which are large or small. So you don’t need to create different site for mobile users. That’s why you can save your some valuable money and time. If your visitors increase, your sales and conversions from your website will also increase. We think that this WP theme is the best choice for your startup business.

Circle Startup Theme Helps You to Get Ranked Easily!
We know that Google does not have the brain like human being. Google can see only the codes at the back-end to judge a website. So, using the codes behind the WordPress theme plays a vital role for SEO. We have made it with 100% SEO optimized and the codes are typed in correctly. You don’t worry about SEO for this theme. We expect that you will get successful and your website will get a good rank very fast. Because, we have used latest technique and method to ensure your website get ranked easily.

Slider for Stunning Presentation:
We have added an interactive Revolution slider in this WordPress theme. The stunning looking of this slider will make your website more professional. The visitors will be attracted easily with these sliders. Revolution slider will help to capture your clients and visitors by showing your business related photographs and contents along with relevant offer of your business.

Customization Has No Bounds on Circle Startup WP Theme

We have added a powerful admin panel which will allow you to make any change of this theme. You have no bounds for customization about this WP theme. Anytime, you can customize it according to your choice. For customization of this WP theme you don’t need to have any coding knowledge. We have added a drag and drop interface of page builder that will allow you to make changes without typing a single line of code. We have added one click demo features as well. You can replace the demo content with your own contents. This will minimize your website develop time dramatically. Is it not amazing?

Convincing Testimonial Section And Portfolio
Testimonial and Portfolio section is an important part of a website. Theme features increases the visitors trust for the services you are offer from your website. Other people’s opinion about your services and offers are always have positive impact for getting more sells from your website. You can even make a slider with these functions. On the other hand, we have added a custom Widget to display the testimonials. These features make your brand reliable and trustworthy resulting in more visitor engagement.

More Functionalities of Herbal – Responsive Organic WordPress Theme

  • We have added the latest designs and features or functionalities in this theme very well
  • We have used a lot of shortcodes
  • We have given a pricing table
  • This theme is fully ready for WooCommerce
  • It is very easy for installation
  • We have added some lead page so that you can express your services & activities
  • We have added amazing sidebars
  • The loading time of this theme is very fast
  • There are still some more functionality for you to explore.

As we mentioned earlier, we are dedicated to your success. And this Responsive WP template is a living proof of our claim.

WordPress Theme Support is Always Around you!
Feel free to contact us if you need any technical assistance for this Circle Startup Business Theme such as installation or customization. We grantee top notch support in the industry because we believe in consumers’ satisfaction first.


  • This product requires WordPress. Click HERE to download WordPress.
  • The photos in this design are for display purposes only and can not be used on your final website.


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WpMania.Net WordPress Theme & Support

I purchased this theme late last week. For the price here it is a awesome deal and I am very happy with the theme layout.

Had a couple of support issues that were handled very quickly so +10 for support..

You can’t go wrong on this deal..IMHO


Online Consultant
WpMania.Net WordPress Theme & Support

Just purchased a theme. Can’t say enough about the flexibility of this theme!
I asked the the developer a few questions, and not only did he reply to my question in a matter of a few minutes, be also offered to add some more functionality for me at my request that will allow even more options. Sabbir, thanks for some terrific  support, best I’ve personally seen from any themes I’ve ever bought…

Don’t hesitate, this is one of , if not the best wp themes I’ve ever bought.
Thanks Sabbir, great product!

Oh, almost forgot, the mobile version of the sites this themes creates are really nice, without any additional work too!

Scott Z

Local Web Consultant


  • What do I need to use your theme?

    themes work exclusively with WORDPRESS. All images, copy and colors are customizable by you. Download WordPress by clicking HERE.
  • Can you customize it for me?

    We accept a limited amount of custom clients per month. CONTACT US for more info.
  • How much does WordPress cost?

    WordPress is a free service with unlimited flexibility. Your current hosting should have one click WordPress installation service. Your BrandUp Circle Theme is a one time fee.
  • We accept a limited amount of custom clients per month. CONTACT US for more info.

    Our themes include step-by-step tutorials to edit visual components like pictures, copy and colors to the more advanced popup, navigation bar and custom domains.